GEPOTECH – high quality, two component polymer from the polyurea family (abbreviated PUA), which are exceptionally suitable for providing surface protection for many areas. GEPOTECH products excel through a unique combination of properties:

  1. Extremely rapid setting time within seconds.
  2. High resistance to many chemicals, e.g. alkalis and dilute acids.
  3. Extremely high mechanical resistance, especially against impact and abrasion.
  4. Extraordinary elasticity whilst simultaneously having high tear strength.

GEPOTECH systems are applied by qualified professionals using hot spray equipment and can be sprayed horizontally, vertically and also over head.

The short reaction time of both components, which are only brought together in the spray head, allows surfaces produced to be subjected to service conditions after only a short period of time. Down times are minimized. GEPOTECH products are therefore the ideal solution to many critical applications specifically regarding the economics of building works.  

Here we present to you, the versatile application possibilities of our standard GEPOTECH products. Other formulations with modified properties are available for specific applications.

Our professionals will gladly answer your questions about PUA, which you have in your building projects.